Innovative Technology  

Dillard is always on the lookout for new technologies that can be leveraged to improve our ability to meet our clients’ needs. We look for innovative ways to streamline our internal processes, such as our 24/7 call center and scheduling software, as well as to enhance our roof assist inspection capabilities.

National Footprint & Scale

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, we mount a rapid response. Our technicians are deployed nationwide and are ready to go on short notice. In the wake of a serious storm or other catastrophe, we will have a disaster response team in the area as soon as conditions permit, typically within 24-48 hours.


Ladder Assist

Our technicians are experts in steep slopes and high roofs, using aerial pictometry and digital photography to assist and document their inspections.


Urgent Tarping & Board-ups

We provide around-the-clock, emergency roof tarping and board-ups to mitigate further damage while the insured’s claim is being processed.


Direct Inspections

No adjuster need be present during an exterior inspection by one of our technicians.


Drone Inspections

Using drones enables our technicians to acquire high resolution images from a safe vantage point as documentation of roof damage.