Our technicians, deployed from coast to coast and border to border, are carefully selected and trained to ensure a consistently positive client service experience.



All of our technicians have completed Haag’s Continued Education Program, and have received their certificates. Many of our technicians have received their adjuster’s license. 


Experience Required

We recruit technicians with experience as roofers, builders, or claims adjusters. Their background in these fields provides an excellent foundation for their training and work in ladder assist inspection.


Training and Mentoring

Completion of carrier-provided calibration training ensures that our technicians are in compliance with each carrier’s inspection requirements. Coming from different backgrounds, our technicians share their expertise and learn from one another as part of the Dillard team. Our most experienced technicians provide on-the-job mentoring and ongoing skills development for those with less experience.


Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance efforts begin during the recruitment, selection, and training of technicians, by looking for experienced individuals with a commitment to meeting the highest performance standards. We maintain this emphasis on performance excellence during training and throughout each employee’s tenure with the company. To ensure complete client satisfaction, every report undergoes a quality review prior to submission.